Saturday, April 28, 2007

i don't really feel bad about stealing

... i just feel bad about stealing from the same people all the time. and then not crediting them. and then deleting their comments off of my blog if they try to take any credit. and then laughing about it a little.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

everything i want to write about happened in 2004

so i'll just say goodbye to jess with this little gem:

bring me back a designer-knock-off-something-or-other from milan!

Monday, April 23, 2007

na zdorovia, boris

Russia's first democratically elected, post-soviet leader died today. Famous for forging ties with the West and infamous for sinking his newly capitalist country into economic disaster, Yeltsin was a true Russian. By which I mean that he was drunk. In public. Frequently.

Sportsovitch: Yeltsy playing tennis with a cosmonaut.

Danceovitch: Presh!! Yeltsy rocking out at a concert. I couldn't love Russians more.

Diplomatovitch: The drunk and the cheat. And yet still, somehow infinitely preferable to Putin and Bush.

Monday, April 16, 2007


why are cnn and george bush talking about metal detectors in colleges and a comforting loving god and not fucking gun control? why can't i change the channel? god damn.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

to me!

For those who are wondering, on April 30th I'll happily accept any of the following, without too much protest or "You shouldn't haves!"

1. Yes, ok. Another one:

2. My own entry in Wikipedia. I will also be satisfied with an entry in IMDB! Who said Tauruses weren't flexible?

3. Anything, just anything from Burberry Prorsum's Spring or Fall line. I am not difficult! I am however, hopelessly preppy:

4. The crown off of the statue of the Virgin Mary from that church on Manning. Jeff, I got you a crown last year, its time for you to step up!

5. Veuve: all sizes fit!

The following is also a perfectly acceptable substitution:

Its the end result that matters, right?

....aaaaaaaaaaaaand wasted.

6. My dad owns this. Like, fuck. GIVE IT TO ME ALREADY:

Ok! Only 21 shopping days left, friends.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm moving to Atlanta?

I keep getting these weird emails in my gmail account that are meant for a woman whose name has one less "r" in it that mine does. Its so awkward because I never know if I should email back and let them know that they're sending mail to Corrina and not Corina. But I've come to the decision that Corina is some sort of madame or high class hooker and now I want more of her mail! Way more interesting than the shit I usually get (eg. "Someone from your high school has written on your facebook wall!" Woo-fucking-hoo.)

Anyway, I only have one of these emails left in my trash, but there were about 3 or so more, all in the same vein of "Hey, you're going to Atlanta! Here's some guy you should meet!" Its either a super aggressive dating-service type thing, or my name twin is a very Pretty Woman:

Subject: Hi Miss Atlanta!

"Hopefully I’m seeing you before you head east (and south). But just in case, I met a cute guy in Sun Valley. Here’s what I remember; Terry is his first name, he owns 2 bars/restaurants in DT Atlanta named Halo and Opera. Opera is just opening, he renovated old opera house. He lives in mid-town and appeared to be in late thirties.

So there you go….you never know what could happen…

Sorry I missed the celebration last night, I got back to PDX this morning, I hope it was great fun. Michele is trying to get a walk/breakfast organized this week, so as I said I hope to see you in the next few days. If not, best of luck to you and your journey, I know you will love Atlanta; it’s really beautiful and has all the right elements.


**Margie is a total slut name and "right elements" is obvs. code for "rich men and cheap drugs." Fuck, so transparent.