Monday, April 9, 2007

to me!

For those who are wondering, on April 30th I'll happily accept any of the following, without too much protest or "You shouldn't haves!"

1. Yes, ok. Another one:

2. My own entry in Wikipedia. I will also be satisfied with an entry in IMDB! Who said Tauruses weren't flexible?

3. Anything, just anything from Burberry Prorsum's Spring or Fall line. I am not difficult! I am however, hopelessly preppy:

4. The crown off of the statue of the Virgin Mary from that church on Manning. Jeff, I got you a crown last year, its time for you to step up!

5. Veuve: all sizes fit!

The following is also a perfectly acceptable substitution:

Its the end result that matters, right?

....aaaaaaaaaaaaand wasted.

6. My dad owns this. Like, fuck. GIVE IT TO ME ALREADY:

Ok! Only 21 shopping days left, friends.


Jess said...

You forgot something, hehehehe, but don't worry, I will still take care of it.

GRAYDON said...

blog buddies!

i was going to say that i should start being as brazen on my blog about all the material things i desire, but then i remembered that i have a category for posts called "BUY ME THIS".

i'll get you a murder-suicide pact for your birthday...all you have to do is sign.

Kiersten said...

you'll accept drinking a 50? standards, cor, standards.

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

Kier, its 2007, the year of "Take what you can get".

Ryan said...

Umm, material objects=love...did your family teach you that too?
PS My gift is that I am reading your blog....burberry is too expensive.

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

Weird, because my gift to you is writing it!