Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm moving to Atlanta?

I keep getting these weird emails in my gmail account that are meant for a woman whose name has one less "r" in it that mine does. Its so awkward because I never know if I should email back and let them know that they're sending mail to Corrina and not Corina. But I've come to the decision that Corina is some sort of madame or high class hooker and now I want more of her mail! Way more interesting than the shit I usually get (eg. "Someone from your high school has written on your facebook wall!" Woo-fucking-hoo.)

Anyway, I only have one of these emails left in my trash, but there were about 3 or so more, all in the same vein of "Hey, you're going to Atlanta! Here's some guy you should meet!" Its either a super aggressive dating-service type thing, or my name twin is a very Pretty Woman:

Subject: Hi Miss Atlanta!

"Hopefully I’m seeing you before you head east (and south). But just in case, I met a cute guy in Sun Valley. Here’s what I remember; Terry is his first name, he owns 2 bars/restaurants in DT Atlanta named Halo and Opera. Opera is just opening, he renovated old opera house. He lives in mid-town and appeared to be in late thirties.

So there you go….you never know what could happen…

Sorry I missed the celebration last night, I got back to PDX this morning, I hope it was great fun. Michele is trying to get a walk/breakfast organized this week, so as I said I hope to see you in the next few days. If not, best of luck to you and your journey, I know you will love Atlanta; it’s really beautiful and has all the right elements.


**Margie is a total slut name and "right elements" is obvs. code for "rich men and cheap drugs." Fuck, so transparent.

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