Wednesday, January 30, 2008

for kritty

as requested: boobs!

secondarily, my creepy obsession with vintage undergarments: revealed! sadly, the only place i've ever seen any for sale is at cabaret on queen. everything they have is beautiful and in amazing condition but priced way beyond my budget. i did pick up someone's old nightgown there this week, for 45 freaking dollars.

it's cool. i love president's choice macaroni and cheese for dinner. every night. til my next pay cheque.


Kritty is my name, said...

amazing. but everyone will probably think i'm a gay now. i don't care. DON'T CARE.

i've got some good vintage nightgowns at value village (it's not as ew as it sounds. well it is a little but i don't care)

i want one of those old bras that make yr boobs look like torpedos. torps. torp boobs, oh man.

Greg said...

I'm reporting this post.

Greg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GRAYDON said...

did you know that's what i ate tonight???? for real??? pc mac & chee!