Sunday, November 18, 2007


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I'm a COMMUNIST!

Russia's commies are poised to come in second place in the next election, after Putin's journalist-killing United Russia Party.

With the Russian Liberal party barely in existence anymore, the country has basically become a two-party state. And if I were a Russian citizen, there is NO WAY I'd vote for Putin, who's suspected to attempt to try to hold onto power next spring, despite the fact that his legal term as president would be exceeded if he were to do so.

Putin has restructured the electoral system in Russia, doing away with constituencies with plurality voting systems, and raising the required percentage for getting into the State Duma from 5% to 7%, making it more difficult for independents to be elected. The only party presenting any real opposition are the Communists, with about 1/6th of Russian voters behind them.

When asked if Russia was still a democracy, one official shrugged and said "Not really."

I'm going to read Bend Sinister again, in solidarity.


Greg said...

Oh god, not the politics again.

Donna said...

Didn't a Russian communist parliamentarian just blame "World Zionism" for most of Russia's problems.

Greg said...

I'm not worried until they start setting off nuclear bombs -- just to reminds us that they still have them (and can sell them to whomever they want).

Brook said...

Have you ever been to Russia? Or even a country of the former USSR?

I've got an old Red Army Hockey Jersey, you'd look fantassssstic in. I usually get odd looks when I wear it but you for sure could pull it off. Off like a prom dress.

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

Yes Brook, both.