Tuesday, August 28, 2007


i've never lived in an apartment building before. it's weird. your relationships with your neighbours are intense. i guess because you're all in such close proximity to each other. i moved into this four story walk-up about a month ago. it's probably around 70 years old, u-shaped, pretty, and crumbling. there are maybe 40 units. i love it.

harold lives on the 3rd floor. he reminds me of seth, this comic book author i met once. he's awkward, far more than i am. this amuses me. i have seen him in his underwear, as he frequently cooks dinner with his kitchen door open to the fire escape, which i frequently climb down to get ice cream sandwiches from the variety store across the alley.

yesterday, when i got home from work, i was in the stairwell and dropped one of the suitcases i was carrying on my own foot. i might have let out a small yelp. harold was going up the stairs from the laundry room to his apartment. he heard me and stopped on the stairs. asked if i needed help. i said i was fine. he carried my suitcase up to the fourth floor for me while telling me that he lived on the third floor, just below me.

i've been worried about whoever it was that was living in the apartment one floor down from me since i have a tendency to blare music and stomp around in heels very late at night/very early in the morning. so i asked him if i was loud. he asked me "in what way?" wearing a suggestive sneer that seemed highly out of character when juxtaposed with his unassuming, pot-bellied, comb-overed, resident-hermit appearance.

we'll probably get married.


Cameron said...

sounds like your type

Jess said...

i thought you were spoken for

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

i could leave you at any moment. i'm a whore.

GRAYDON said...

fuck him. do it.