Wednesday, August 8, 2007

and now i can never leave

holy shit i'm really loving parkdale.

i'm across the street from the fucking lake. i didn't think that was possible without living in some awful condo in queens quay. i have a fire escape/patio. i live basically right above stella luna and down the street from so many freshly made perogies, both of which i love. the variety store across the street has the best ice cream sandwiches. film buff is about 3 minutes away. i found the greatest table in the alley yesterday. my roommate came with an awesome zombie-child painting for the living room. i have a real bed again. and two closets. the buzzer works. ghandi and she said boom both have stores here. basically, why the fuck did i ever live anywhere else?


Claire said...

Sigh. Send my love to Stella Luna. And Ghandi while you're at it.

Claire said...
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Hi, I'm Corrina said...

I might just show ghandi some love tonight!

M. said...

i have a hot date with stella luna next saturday. maybe i'll yell obscenities at your window as a hello.