Saturday, July 7, 2007

size. totally matters.

I would love for someone to set something like this up in Toronto. Even on a smaller scale. With me in charge of picking which videos to screen. And sleazeball directors bribing me (with alcohol) to show their videos. Hi! (I can see you!)

I once saw the Diableros vid for Sugar Laced Soul projected on a medium-sized screen... was cool... I could be happy with medium-sized.


Claire said...

Yeah, seeing videos on the big screen is amazing. I saw so much detail in Jaron's "Apply Some Pressure" and "Doctor Blind" videos that I forgot all about, as it gets lost while viewing on the internet. They also showed Dougals "Bat For Lashes" that night and that as was amazing; it was as if a Gregory Crewdson photograph came to life. Beautiful. One video I did not need to see giant size was my Feist, "1234" as it only perpetuated my love/hate relationship with it (although Patrick making a joke out of it at the CAD's and checking off "that gap commercial" on his "cool ideas list" is definitely helping me see the humor in it all).

GRAYDON said...

i saw my videos big-sized once on a 20 by 30 foot screen. i felt stupid.

p-dots has a hot weiner!

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

stop being such an overly sensitive artiste. i'm gonna do something like this in TO, and your vid will open the show!! p-dots weiner will close it.