Sunday, July 15, 2007

blood, dirt, chinese philosophy

on my way to isis' this dog came out of nowhere in the park, off the leash, on the dirt path by crawford. totally took me and my bike out. and i'm lying in the dirt and my bike is on top of me and the owner is apologizing and the dog is barking. this nice lady is patting my hair and telling me about the I Ching and how i must have a lot going on in my life because i'm a moving target or at least that is what the I Ching would call me. i may have hit my head. then eric from enterprise rent a car brings me a glass of water. i can't hold the water because my hands are shaking so the ice cubes are just clashing around violently in the cup. actually it was a wine glass. eric has two big diamond earrings and he's come out of this house beside the park where there are about 8 teenage boys yelling at him to "get her number, dog!" he once took two days off my car rental fees because i hated the neon i rented from them so much. he rides my bike around to make sure it isn't broken. the I Ching lady takes me to her house and cleans dirt out of my cuts and gives me tea. the dog owner knows cameron and elyse because they have the same breed of dog. the dog isn't hurt. she lets me pet her.

i've had enough crashes for awhile.

anyway, i think this is what the I Ching lady meant:


GRAYDON said...

what's wrong with you?

Claire said...

Leave her alone. At least she's no posting sappy love-videos.