Wednesday, March 14, 2007

chic ou pas chic? (might be the best game we've ever invented)

I've been away and missing my computer. It's too fragile to travel with me since it's about 9yrs old right now, which in computer years is like, 103. I clearly need a new one. I mean, I like vintage but fuck, this is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, it missed out on a four day sojourn to London, where I'm from. A culturally barren wasteland. The upside was that we were all well-rested and cheery for our early morning call times. This was because there is fucking nothing to do there other than work and sleep, a huge contrast to the next city we were in, Montreal. There were some rough mornings in Montreal, but so well worth it. I'm in love with Montreal.

Jeff is the best roommate ever, by the way. He's super clean, and super glamorous:


Carrie said...

Jeff is super glam but is he good clean or germ-a-phobe freaky clean? Keep him, good roommates are hard to find ;)

Claire said...

I didn't know Lisa was really Jeff. Cool.

Claire said...

Also, quit ignoring me on msn.

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

jeff has been my roomate in various idolotrous cities across ontario and into quebec. he's lovely and he keeps his belongings on his side of the room. read into that what you will.