Thursday, March 15, 2007

raging party at the coc?

Not sure if this is a sign of spring's arrival, but ummmm... a lot of people seem to be venturing out onto the street more. To barf. This morning I walked by a higher than usual number of vomit puddles. I think I saw about 4. Granted, I do live quite close to Queen and Bathurst, a corner which is no stranger to puke. I think its the combination of sketchy bars (I miss you, Queenshead!) and Pizza Pizza.

But on my way to York and Adelaide, I passed the new Canadian Opera Company building and saw this:

Seriously? Like you got tanked at intermission and barfed up your snack (I always get a Haagen Daz ice cream bar!)? And that is a LOT of puke.

I was really happy that no one from my law firm busted me taking pictures of someone else's puke.


Chewy said...

Ya know what is hilarious.. on my way to the gym yesterday, this squeegee chick walked by me, stopped an hurled right on the corner of Queen an Bathurst.. why we gotta live in upchuckville?

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Jess said...

more blogs please

Chewy said...