Wednesday, February 21, 2007

peas and cheese

I just had Ghandi last night. But they make the best rotis. I think I could eat them everyday. I'm afraid to find out how bad they are for you. My favourite is the muttar paneer which is filled with lots of green peas and some strange sort of cheese in little blocks. Half is just enough for dinner and the left overs are good, especially when you get home from a night of drinks and need a snack. I wish I lived a little further away from their convenient Bathurst and Queen location, or that I had a little more will-power.


Jeffrey said...

all I dream about in life is Ghandi..I could really use a hit right now.

Claire said...

I'm so glad your are now open to Muttar Paneer, too much Malai Kofta gets boring... Wait, are we really discussing Gandhi on your blog.

Hi, I'm Corrina said...

ghandi is an issue that has been overlooked far too long in the mainstream media. We're doing our part to inform the public.